Donald Trump sets new low for U.S. Presidency with $25 million Trump University penalty

Even as millions of Americans are in the streets protesting against the illegitimate election “victory” on the part of the erratic and offensive Donald Trump, who lost by millions of votes but was declared the winner anyway, Trump is now sporting an approval rating that’s so low he’s setting historical records for just how unpopular a “president-elect” can be. And now he’s set another first of its kind for the United States Presidency: a voluntary multimillion dollar financial penalty for fraud.

During the course of the election, Donald Trump found himself in severe legal trouble when several of the students who had participated in Trump University sued for fraudulent misrepresentation of what they were supposed to receive. Trump promised them valuable insight into how to gain wealth of their own by sharing his business secrets. Instead, $35,000 apiece later, they were left with little more than a worthless online diploma and a photo op with a Trump cardboard cutout.


Now that Donald Trump has been named the “winner” of the 2016 election and is apparently on track to become the next President of the United States, he decided to make the lawsuit go away by voluntarily paying a $25 million penalty to those whom he had defrauded. To be clear, this was merely a lawsuit and not a criminal trial, meaning that the worst outcome for Trump would have been a loss of money one way or the other, even if he had kept fighting and lost. But it now means that Donald Trump is set to enter the White House after having just been busted for millions of dollars in theft against the American people he’s now supposed to be leading – a new kind of low that even our worst Presidents have never been guilty of.

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