As Donald Trump remains in hiding, his team begins whining about the recount

Even as Donald Trump continues his now two-week long tradition of allowing his surrogates to run roughshod over the Constitution, as he remains holed up Trump Tower and proceeds to whine on Twitter about every real or imagined slight against him, he’s been remarkably quiet about the impending recount which could take the job away from him. But now that things are officially underway in the first of three states, Trump’s surrogates have begun defensively whining on his behalf.

Even though the Wisconsin was funded by members of the public who believe Donald Trump rigged the election in his favor, and officially filed by third party candidate Jill Stein who doesn’t care who wins and simply wants to expose any such rigging, the Trump campaign is still crying foul and blaming Hillary Clinton. “What a pack or sore losers,” whined Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, as relayed by Bloomberg. “It turns out Team Hillary and their new BFF Jill Stein can’t accept reality.”

This comes after Trump and his top advisors spent months insisting that the election was going to be rigged against him, all the while offering no evidence of any kind. That’s in stark contrast to the impending Wisconsin recount, where the evidence keeps mounting that individual precinct workers padded Trump’s vote totals – and several of them have already admitted to it, correcting their numbers and inadequately blaming it on arithmetic errors.

Meanwhile the question remains of why Donald Trump continues to say nothing about the recount efforts himself. Since being named the “winner” he’s gone on to whine about everything from the cast of a Broadway play to how he’s portrayed on Saturday Nihgt Live. And yet these recounts are aimed at exposing that he lost the election, perhaps the biggest slight of all. His silence would seem to speak volumes.

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