As Hillary Clinton signs onto Wisconsin recount, evidence says it was rigged for Trump

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Hillary Clinton and her campaign have agreed to join the Wisconsin recount effort, one day after Jill Stein officially filed for a recount in the state. This is being widely seen as a validation of the effort, as it’s unlikely Clinton would be willing to get involved unless she and her team believed there was a reasonable chance of victory. That may be due to the fact that, over the past week, significant evidence has surfaced which points to manual vote-padding for Donald Trump in the state.

The first evidence of election tampering in Wisconsin surfaced when internet observers began asking why three precincts in Outagamie County were showing more votes cast for President than votes cast period. Local officials quickly revised their totals, erasing more than a thousand votes for Donald Trump which it had originally reported for Donald Trump, but which apparently never existed to begin with. The officials told ABC News that it was due to human arithmetic error, without bothering to address the fact that the “errors” in all three precincts just happened to significantly pad Trump’s vote totals. But that was just the beginning.

As this past week went on, Wisconsin counties and precincts continued revising their vote totals. The net result is that nearly five thousand supposed votes for Donald Trump simply vanished across the state between the time of the election night totals (New York Times) and the most recent totals (Cook Report). In other words, various Wisconsin precincts had collectively given Trump nearly five thousand imaginary votes and were now walking them back – even as Hillary Clinton’s original vote total in the state remained nearly the same as it had been on election night.

This raises the serious question of just how Donald Trump ended up benefiting from so many supposed “math errors” in various precincts, such that his vote total was artificially inflated by a thousand votes here and a thousand votes there. And these are merely the precincts that have come forward with revised numbers because the vote-padding was caught by one of their own officials, or by internet gawkers. How many other Wisconsin precincts awarded Trump a stash of imaginary votes and haven’t yet been caught?

That’s where the recount comes in. Hillary Clinton’s team announced today that it’s found no specific evidence of external hacking during its own investigations. But that’s because the evidence points to Wisconsin having been rigged for Donald Trump simply through incremental fudging of the numbers at the precinct level. And the statewide recount should uncover all of it. If we already know that 5,000 of Trump’s votes in the state were fake based on the exposed precincts alone, and he only “leads” the state by 22,000 supposed votes total, you do the math.

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