Donald Trump’s total silence about the impending recount speaks volumes

In the sixteen days since he’s assumed the title of “president elect,” Donald Trump has taken the time to complain about everything from the New York Times, to the cast of the Broadway play Hamilton, to an unflattering photograph of him that was used by NBC News. While making few public appearances and mostly remaining holed up in Trump Tower, he’s mostly spent his time whining and complaining about every real and perceived slight that’s come his way. And yet, even as three states now prepare to hold recounts which could conceivably take the presidency away from him, Donald Trump has been remarkably silent about it.

When the election recount movement was first put into play on Wednesday, the nation expected Donald Trump to begin whining about it on Twitter immediately. After all, this is an effort aimed at demonstrating that he didn’t really win Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania, and that he in fact lost the election overall. And if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that no one calls Donald Trump a loser without hearing about it.

Yet even as this recount movement was quickly crowdfunded to the tune of millions of dollars by Thursday, and the first of the three states announced that it was indeed preparing for an impending recount, Trump still didn’t bother to speak up and complain. And by Friday, when an official recount request was filed in Wisconsin, Trump once again chose not to bother to complain publicly. And this is from the guy who spent the entire election insisting that it was going to be rigged against him?

Donald Trump’s silence in this matter might be the most unbelievable thing about this entire unbelievable 2016 election cycle. Is he remaining silent because, after spending a couple of miserable weeks realizing just how strenuous and thankless the job is, he’s hoping it’ll be taken it away from him? After all, if the election is handed to Hillary Clinton in a recount, it’ll afford him the ability to claim that the recount was rigged against him, meaning he can walk away without having to admit he truly lost. Trump may yet speak up on the matter, but thus far his silence speaks volumes.

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