Donald Trump to force out all Obama-appointed foreign envoys before replacements arrive

In a move aimed solely at personally spiting outgoing President Barack Obama and his administration, Donald Trump has announced that all obama-appointed foreign envoys will be required to leave their posts the minute Trump is sworn in. This represents an unprecedented break from tradition. It also sets up a practical problem in which the United States will have no foreign envoys in key nations for as long as several months while Trump works to get his own enjoys confirmed by the Senate and deployed.

In past transitions, incoming presidents have granted extensions to the previous administration’s foreign envoys so they could remain in place until their successors were confirmed and ready to take over. But the New York Times now says that won’t be happening in the Trump era, and even the newspaper can’t seem to come up with any possible reason for the move, other than sticking it to Obama. The NY Times also goes into detail about how various Americans families will be uprooted, as a number of these envoys have school age children and will be faced with suddenly finding new housing and new schools.

Trump’s decision to punish Obama’s foreign envoys at the expense of United States foreign policy comes just hours after Trump’s decision to symbolically stick it to President Obama by refusing to allow the Obama family swing set to remain on the White House grounds; in this instance Trump appears to be willing to punish his own grandchildren just to stick it to his predecessor.

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