After Donald Trump targets CIA, his senior advisor James Woolsey quits in protest

Another day, another resignation from another of Donald Trump’s senior advisors. This time it’s James Woolsey, who had given Trump a bit of credibility due to his status us a former Director of the CIA. But just hours after it was revealed that Trump and his team intend to gut the CIA and lay off many of its staffers in apparent revenge for the CIA’s role in exposing Russia’s role in rigging the election for Trump, it turns out Woolsey is leaving the building.

More accurately, James Woolsey becomes yet another of Donald Trump’s “senior advisors” who has ended up quitting before he could even get into office and they could even begin officially advising him. This development seemed inevitable after Woolsey grew so frustrated with Trump’s anti-intelligence views that he ended up publicly questioning his own boss during a CNN appearance. But Woolsey’s departure comes less than a day after details surfaced as to how Trump intends to punish the CIA in the fallout of its Russia findings.

The resignation of Woolsey comes just two weeks after another Donald Trump senior advisor, Jason Miller, quit his job as White House Communications Director almost immediately after being named to the post. It was then revealed that he’d been having an affair with yet another Trump advisor.

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