Donald Trump throws a tantrum

Pardon me if I sound a bit strange. I really don’t know what’s happening to me. Such strange symptoms! Could it be the delicious salad I have just consumed? It tasted quite lovely but… Oh no! I think there was something in the salad.

Yes, that salad was evil, no doubt about it. I’d better call Michael Flynn to discuss further! Hello readers. I hope you know I was joking. Perhaps a rather lame joke but a fitting one as the recipient of the joke is himself beyond lame. Traitorous might be a better word.

So yes. Michael Flynn thinks our salad dressing is infected with Corona Virus. I think Mikey’s head is infected with worms. Who’s right? I believe it is me. But let’s move on.

Before I get into the weeds on Lame Duck Donnie, I want to answer you on something. So many of you have asked where the article is with all the nicknames for Assolini.

The name of that article is: “Donald Trump is falling to pieces.” It was published on September 10th of this year. Many creative nicknames await you. I will be using many of them in this article.

So, reportedly Donald douche was NOT happy about the findings of the non-audit. I am waiting for him to come out and accuse them of being secret Democrats.


The Smegma sandwich had a rally tonight. What bothers me about all this is that so many are buying into the idea of Donnie two scoops running in 2024. This will not happen, as Palmer Report has mentioned numerous times. What WILL happen, however, is the waste of skin will grow increasingly isolated. He may lash out even more. This is what happens when psychotics don’t have an outlet. So brace yourselves because IQ45 is angry. But remember, his popularity is going downward. This traitor will NEVER ever sit in the White House again.

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