The rubber has finally met the road

The rubber has, at last, met the road. Subpoenas have been issued by the Select Committee. Wonderful news. One point that has been over-looked for importance is that the Committee chose to side-step courtesy of not giving the targets of the subpoena a heads-up. This indicates that the Committee ain’t fecking around with such niceties. Superb!

Adam Schiff has been at this a long time. Before being elected to Congress, he was a criminal prosecutor. He served on the first(!) impeachment trial of that Orange Homunculus. He therefore has more than the wherewithal, stamina and insight needed to bring justice to those who endeavored to drive the Democracy into a ditch. Mr Schiff, representing California’s 28th district, is just one man on the scene; the right man.

Much speculation has been loudly made by professional hand-wringers about the efficacy and legal strength of the subpoenas. One such nay-saying query goes; ‘What will the Dems do when so-and-so refuses to answer the subpoena?’.

Quite clearly, this is precisely the wrong tact to sail on if the objective is to nail the buggers and shove Donald’s face in the mess he made. Expecting failure invites failure. That is not to say that one must not prepare for the worse, but if one’s perspective is always behind the eight-ball, one must expect to always be there, rather than out ahead of it.

Mr Schiff told Mr Cuomo (the CNN one), that the Committee was acting with alacrity and with the sense of urgency which the brazen attempt by Donald Lump to illegally retain power is due.


Summer has ended and with it the interminable summer recess of Congress. (side-bar: Seriously? A break for summer? Are we still an agrarian economy? Still without air-conditioning and refrigeration? WTF?) It’s back to business but not business as usual; back to running perpetrators and conspirators to ground.

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