Donald Trump is falling to pieces

The former guy will never again be President. I’ve got some news regarding the king of turds, but first, I’d like to explain why I wrote the sentence above. I know many still fear him. Here’s my take on the situation: The former guy will be in prison. But even if you do not believe that — there are a few other reasons he will not be a contender.

His rallies are dwindling. He recently held one on a cow path. He is shedding followers. His approval ratings are in the toilet. When the former guy ran last time, he was an unknown quantity. Some thought his rhetoric might become a bit less disgusting if he won.

Well — that didn’t happen. And all those independents who voted for him? They are ALSO the people who voted for Biden this time, and many are independent Georgians who gave us the Senate in the special elections.

Unlike last time, the turd king has no social media presence. That is not going to change.

He will not be able to debate for a few reasons: One is that he can’t speak. And two is that if he tried, five seconds after he went on stage, he’d be howling about stolen elections. The debate would be over in an instant. Not that he would be likely to show up for one anyway.

And then there is his pride. Ego will not allow it. Deep down, this “man” hates himself and knows he cannot win.

Those are just SOME of the reasons. But let’s now turn to his plans for 9/11. As our nation mourns the passing of so many people on that tragic day, Mr. Orange will be — calling a boxing match? That is precisely what reporting says. This is one match I will not be watching.

And lastly — so many of you have BEGGED for a more creative nickname than the former guy. I am using king of turds today, but I welcome your suggestions for a more permanent nickname for the orange monster. Feel free to leave them in the comments for fun and to have a laugh at the evil has-been’s expense.

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