Donald Trump just had his worst day ever – and it’s about to get even worse for him

Three strikes and you’re out – unless you’re Donald Trump, in which case the first three hundred strikes didn’t count against you, because the Republican Congress was covering for you for the first two years. But now Trump is in real trouble, and he just had the kind of three-strike day that few have ever had. Now it’s about to get even worse for him.

By now you’ve heard about the “big three” storylines from Tuesday. First the Trump Foundation was shut down and its assets were forfeited. Then a judge set Michael Flynn on fire, going so far as to ask if Flynn committed treason. Then Robert Mueller won that mysterious long-running appeals court battle against Trump. You’d think that would be bad enough, right? Nah, more is imminently coming down the pike.

For instance there’s the revelation that Robert Mueller is about to bust heads in the Trump White House over Russian sanctions. This will be yet another instance of Mueller and his allies indicting Trump’s underlings, and using the legal filings to expose Trump’s guilt. Then there’s the fact that Mueller now has Donald Trump’s signed letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow, if he didn’t already have it before. But really, the ugliest part of this for Trump is the inevitable chain reaction.


Now that the Trump Foundation’s assets have been forfeited, there’s nothing to stop the Trump Organization’s assets from being forfeited as well. Now that Robert Mueller is done with Michael Flynn, we’re much closer to seeing what Flynn gave up on Donald Trump. The hits against Trump just keep coming, and at this rate they’re coming harder and faster than ever.

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