Robert Mueller is about to drop the hammer on Donald Trump’s Russian sanctions crimes

Donald Trump has been having a pretty awful week so far. It’s about to get even worse. Even as Trump’s non-Russia crimes continue to close in on him, it turns out Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to begin dropping the hammer on a matter that’s very much about Trump and Russia – and it could turn ugly rather quickly.

Robert Mueller is about to make “court filings” which will expose how members of the Donald Trump White House and Donald Trump campaign systematically plotted to ease U.S. sanctions against Russia, according to a new report from the Daily Beast today. Several key aspects of this story jump off the page at us, in terms of being both important and revealing.

First, the “court filings” in question are almost certainly indictments, against people who served in the Trump campaign, and against people in the Trump White House. At this point most of the senior people on the Trump campaign have already been charged with one crime or another, so it sounds like we’re finally reaching the point where Trump’s White House people are about to get indicted.

Second, the simple act of easing sanctions on Russia isn’t a crime, unless it’s part of a larger criminal conspiracy. So if Robert Mueller is about to drop the indictment hammer on Donald Trump’s people over Russian sanctions, he’ll have to specifically reveal why the act of trying to ease sanctions was indeed a crime. Third, this appears to be yet another move by Mueller to expose Trump’s guilt by making court filings against his underlings.