The Trump Tower Moscow scandal just turned even uglier for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is already having, by far, his worst day yet. Now, his stunningly bad day has found a way to get even worse. Remember when Trump’s criminal defense attorney Rudy Giuliani insisted that the letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow was never signed? Now the letter in question has finally surfaced โ€“ and guess whose signature is right there on it?

That’s right, Donald Trump signed the letter of intent himself, and CNN now says that it has a copy of the letter. This is going to be important from a legal standpoint. Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently had Michael Cohen plead guilty to having lied about the Trump Tower Moscow deal, in order to get it on the record that the project existed, in order to lay the groundwork for establishing that the real estate project was part of a criminal conspiracy.

The signed letter takes away Trump’s ability to argue that he didn’t know about the circumstances of the deal. No one in the court of opinion was going to believe that defense anyway. But Trump’s ouster will at least partially come down to whether the various criminal charges against him can be proven in court; Trump may be more likely to cut a resignation deal in exchange for partial leniency if he believes he’ll be convicted on the charges against him.

The dominoes just keep falling โ€“ now by the hour โ€“ and they’re all falling on Donald Trump’s head. Here’s the remarkable part. If CNN has just obtained the Trump Tower Moscow letter, it means that it’s out in the wild. This means that if Robert Mueller didn’t already have it, he does now. But based on how much emphasis Mueller has been putting on the real estate deal in recent weeks, it tells us that he’s already had the letter for awhile now.