Here comes Donald Trump’s week from hell

You’re Donald Trump. Your illegitimate presidency is on its last legs and you’re trying to make sure your inevitable ouster doesn’t include you going to prison. You nominate a highly troubled guy for the Supreme Court, instead of any of the numerous candidates you could have gotten rubber stamped, because he’s promised to try to help you get off the hook. He turns out to be even more troubled than you knew. Someone from your own party forces you to sic the FBI on your own nominee – and you hate the FBI.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s week from hell. No, it wasn’t last week, as terrible as that was for him, with Brett Kavanaugh accused of multiple felonies and then having a seething mental breakdown in front of the television cameras. No, it’s this upcoming week. The FBI has been unleashed, and as it turns out, shot out of a cannon. Yesterday the FBI reached out to one of Kavanaugh’s accusers and tried to set up an interview for last night. It was reported that the FBI is allowed to criminally pursue Kavanaugh for his perjury to the Senate, and then immediately after that, two of his old friends came forward to confirm that he committed perjury.

That’s right, Brett Kavanaugh isn’t just a monster. He’s also the kind of idiot who could end up in prison because he lied under oath about beer. He’s also the kind of idiot who submits his personal calendar as supposed evidence that he didn’t sexually assault a woman, without realizing that one of his entries on that calendar appears to help corroborate the woman’s story.

Right now Donald Trump has got to be wondering how, out of all the highly qualified and non-scandalous people he could have chosen for the Supreme Court, he ended up picking the one guy who’s a self destructing cautionary tale. But when you pick a candidate based solely on his willingness to rig your own criminal investigation in your favor, you’re probably going to end up with a guy who has some baggage. This week we’re going to see Brett Kavanaugh ripped to pieces by the FBI, and we’re going to see mainstream American voters even more motivated by this entire debacle in November.