Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI nightmare gets even worse

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Last night word surfaced that the FBI had already begun reaching out to relevant people in the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, a sign of just how swiftly the bureau was working to get to the bottom of things within its one week time allotment. Now we’re learning more about the breadth of the investigation, and this is quickly turning into Kavanaugh’s worst nightmare.

The FBI has already reached out to Deborah Ramirez, and in fact may have already interviewed her, as of this afternoon, according to the Washington Post. There are a couple reasons why this is significant. First, it builds on last night’s LA Times reporting that the FBI appeared to have already reached out to an unnamed Kavanaugh accuser. Now we know for certain that women like Ramirez will be included in the investigation, even though the Republicans in the Senate refused to allow her to testify this week.

Second, the trouble here for Kavanaugh is Deborah Ramirez herself. This week Dr. Christine Blasey Ford got to testify in front of a live national audience, and most observers – even some Fox News pundits – came away believing that she was credible and compelling. By all accounts, Ramirez is just as credible. We’ve seen multiple classmates of Kavanaugh and Ramirez come forward to say that, while they didn’t witness the alleged incident between them, they believe Ramirez based on her track record.

In the court of public opinion, all accusers should be listened to and heard when they come forward. But criminal investigations and the law are a different arena; it’s all about what can be substantiated, and how credible it can be demonstrated that any given witness is. The last thing Kavanaugh needs is another highly credible accuser working with the FBI investigation – particularly considering that his repeated perjury this month has helped to legally establish that he’s not a credible witness.

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