We told you Roger Stone was going down

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When Roger Stone was convicted of several felonies, only to receive a commutation and then a pardon from Donald Trump, some observers feared that Stone had “gotten away with it all.” But at the time, Palmer Report pointed out that Stone’s career criminal nature meant that sooner or later they’d end up nailing him on the things he wasn’t pardoned for. Sure enough, here we are.

The Feds announced a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Roger Stone and his wife tonight for tax fraud. Given that Stone appeared to go broke during his criminal trial, this should put Stone into particularly dire financial straits. And given that the Feds are accusing Stone of having hidden money in bad faith, you have to wonder if this will be followed by criminal charges as well.

This comes on the same day that the first Oath Keeper cut a plea deal in relation to the January 6th Capitol attack. This is a big deal because Roger Stone’s bodyguard and driver during the attack – both of whom are also Oath Keepers – have been hit with conspiracy charges that seem destined to lead back to Stone. So now that the Oath Keepers are flipping on each other, Stone’s Oath Keeper associates should end up flipping on him.

And of course Roger Stone has found himself in the middle of the Matt Gaetz – Joel Greenberg scandal, because of course he has. We’ll see whether or not he ends up charged in that scandal. But based on today’s developments alone, it’s more clear than ever that Stone is going down.

Roger Stone’s Trump-era pardon doesn’t help him with crimes that are unrelated to his pardon. Nor does it help him with crimes that he committed after he was pardoned. He was always going down in the end – and now Trump is no longer in a position to bail him out.

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