This is bonkers, even for Sean Hannity

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What would it be like if Troll TV (Fox News) hired competent journalists instead of carnival barkers posing as journalists? I know. This won’t happen.

One of the worst of them is Sean Hannity. Hannity is not a journalist. He is a Trump sycophant. And he is getting lots of blowback for comments he made. (This is becoming a regular thing for Troll TV.)

This is about Adam Toledo. If you are not familiar with his name, Adam was a 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a Chicago Police Officer. This story is in the News because when the officer fired, Toledo did not appear to be armed, although he did seem to be carrying a gun as he was running away from the officer. The officer did not see Toledo throw the weapon away and tragically shot and killed him. This is now a news story.

Hannity seems to always be on the side of the police. He also does not appear to care about maligning nor lying about the victims in these cases. Because on his show, he referred to Toledo as “a 13-year-old man.”

Am I missing something here? Are 13-year-olds suddenly adults? I don’t think so. I cannot even be snarky with this story. This kid was a child. He was not an adult. Hannity was so obviously trying to taint the perception of Toledo…who can no longer speak for himself, that it was disgusting.

Hannity received blowback for his comments quickly. One of the responses was from former MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann, who said this: “To be fair, Sean Hannity IS a 59 year old child.”

I highly doubt Hannity will apologize. Troll TV has always been a web of propaganda and putrid lies, but it has become even worse in recent months. No sign that it will change anytime soon.

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