Roger Stone just got dragged all the way into the Matt Gaetz – Joel Greenberg scandal

When a federal criminal investigation gets underway into a scandal that’s as ugly as the one involving Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg, it tends to spiral outward and ensnare any number of people around them. Accordingly, the news just got worse for their mutual friend Roger Stone.

It’s long been documented that Stone, Gaetz, and Greenberg hung out together on the weekend of July 7th, 2017. We know this because they were dumb enough to document it themselves, in the form of a selfie. Now that selfie has been placed in context, and – as with everything else in this scandal – it’s ugly for everyone involved.

The Daily Beast has obtained financial records that show Joel Greenberg paid for a hotel room at the Four Seasons in Miami for the weekend of July 7th, and that Greenberg also paid a woman $500 through Venmo on July 7th. It’s already been established that Greenberg was using these Venmo digital cash payments in exchange for sex.


This means that Greenberg paid someone to come to his hotel room for sex on the same weekend trip that he hung out with Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone at his hotel. This suggests that Stone was more closely connected to Greenberg and his crime spree than Stone has previously claimed. The only question at this point is whether Stone is a subject of the Greenberg-Gaetz federal criminal probe.

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