Looks like the girl in the Matt Gaetz – Joel Greenberg scandal is now trying to take Matt Gaetz down

Earlier this week the news surfaced that indicted Florida politician Joel Greenberg flipped on his pal Matt Gaetz a long time ago. That was bad news for Gaetz, given that Gaetz’s alleged crimes heavily overlap with the crimes that Greenberg has been charged with. Now it turns it’s even worse for Gaetz.

Greenberg has been indicted for having sex with a girl who was underage at the time. Gaetz allegedly later had sex with the same girl, and federal investigators are reportedly attempting to determine whether she was still underage at the time. Even if she was of age, sex trafficking statutes could still apply against Gaetz.

Now Politico is reporting that the girl – who is now a woman – apparently tried to get Matt Gaetz’s girlfriend to confide in her about Gaetz during a secretly recorded phone call. This suggests that the woman is working with the Feds to try to take Gaetz down.


The last thing Matt Gaetz needs is two witnesses working to take him down. Joel Greenberg’s credibility is likely shot due to the nature of the charges against him, meaning he’ll only be useful to the extent that he can provide evidence to corroborate his claims about Gaetz. But the unnamed woman could end up being infinitely more credible as a witness testifying against Gaetz at trial.

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