Sean Hannity isn’t going to survive Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

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Every day that goes by brings us that much closer to Donald Trump’s inevitable ouster from power. As we’ve previously discussed, we can take solace in knowing Trump will likely die penniless in prison. That should provide some comfort while we watch him attempt to further destroy America while he praises other dictators around the world. Even some Republicans have reached their breaking point. Former Hawaiian congressman Charles Djou recently announced his departure from the Republican Party over the disastrous ideology of Trump. While that’s a good start, too many people are still brainwashed by the propaganda factory known as Fox News.

Leading the charge of spreading lies and debunked conspiracy theories is Sean Hannity. Every day Hannity shares the exact false narrative being pushed on social media by Russian bots. Why would an American be so adamant about constantly conveying lies while smearing members of the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia? Hannity has previously admitted that his GOP buddies in Congress informed him that he was unmasked by American intelligence agencies. Instead of realizing that people that are in constant contact with Russian agents certainly should be unmasked, he just blames everything on the “Deep State.”

Less than two months ago, Hannity’s Twitter account was temporarily deleted. While his account was down, a Texas woman created a twitter account with Hannity’s name as a joke (link). Shortly after making the twitter handle @SeanHannity__ she received a direct message from Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks. Thinking this was indeed Hannity, Assange made several statements that made it clear he is no stranger to talking to Hannity.


There have also been accusations that Sean Hannity has been advising Trump and the White House on talking points that would advance the anti-Mueller rhetoric. These are all actions of a very guilty individual. While Hannity is clearly afraid that he would be dragged down by the same evidence that will result in Trump’s removal from office, it’s shameful that Fox News is allowing Hannity to pretend to be a victim while he spreads lies and propaganda on their network. Just as we will enjoy watching Trump’s downfall, it will be equally gratifying when Hannity is ousted from Fox News and made to pay for his crimes.

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