Robert Mueller, New York asset seizures, and Donald Trump dying penniless in prison

While we know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a bounty of information that will ultimately bring down Donald Trump, we are not privy to much of that top secret intelligence. However, we already know of a multitude of charges that Trump could be indicted for. Even after Trump claimed it would be a red line if Mueller investigated his personal finances and business dealings, we discovered that this threat did not prevent Mueller from going after bank and business records. Mueller is certainly going in for the kill, and that should make everyone feel a sense of relief.

Just from what we already know, Trump could be indicted on a number of money laundering schemes. The “great businessman” bankrupted multiple casinos and only survived financially because his main source of income came from laundering money. He was fined multiple times and even had to admit guilt for his lawlessness. In 2015, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) fined him $10 million for his illegal actions in his Trump Taj Mahal Casino (link). His FinCEN fines, for just that casino, date back to 1998.

The recent discovery that the NRA was involved in laundering money from Russia, which resulted in a subsequent investigation into the Republican Party, is just another example of Trump putting personal profits over the rule of law. As Trump has lived in New York City most of his life, it’s fair to assume New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is looking into Trump’s illegal business dealings. We know that Schneiderman has been working with Mueller to ensure state level indictments which would not be pardonable by Trump or any future president.

As evidenced by some of Schneiderman’s recent unrelated investigations, he is a fan of asset forfeiture in cases that deal with illegally obtaining money. This fact should make Trump, and his family, worry greatly. While it may be some time until we can fully appreciate all that Robert Mueller currently knows, there’s a good chance Donald Trump will die penniless in prison.

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