Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia tentacles are ensnaring Donald Trump from all sides

Last night we learned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest Trump-Russia cooperating witness has turned out to be so important, Mueller gave him full immunity in exchange for his testimony. We also learned yesterday that Mueller has two, and maybe three, people who have flipped on one of Donald Trump’s closest confidantes. They’re just the latest reminders that Mueller’s tentacles are ensnaring Trump from all sides.

For the past two months we’ve known that Mueller had the cooperation of international operative George Nader, who could serve as the linchpin for connecting the dots between Donald Trump, Erik Prince, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia. Earlier this month we learned that Nader had in fact given up Prince to Mueller. Then yesterday we learned that Mueller considers Nader’s testimony so important, he granted him immunity (link). That means Nader has the goods to take down not just Prince, but also far more important players, perhaps including Jared Kushner and Donald Trump himself.

We learned earlier this month that Sam Nunberg and another unnamed associate of Roger Stone were both cooperating with Robert Mueller, in a manner which would allow Mueller to indict Stone for perjury and maybe worse crimes. Then yesterday, Stone associate Randy Credico went on MSNBC and announced that Stone had lied under oath (link). We still don’t know for sure if Credico is Mueller’s second witness, or if this means there are now three Stone associates selling him out, but we know that Stone is going down.

These are merely the latest known developments in Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his associates. Keep in mind that Mueller is so far ahead of what’s publicly known, we didn’t even learn until yesterday that he had granted Nader immunity in January. Mueller surely has far more tentacles wrapping themselves around Trump than we know about. Even Trump doesn’t fully know what all is in the process of hitting him.

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