More bad news for Matt Gaetz in Florida?

Last we heard out of the Matt Gaetz criminal case, the only reason he hasn’t yet been indicted is because his former pal Joel Greenberg has turned over too much evidence (ABC News and other sources). Now there’s a new criminal development out of Florida that could also spell bad news for Gaetz.

One of the weirder stories out of the profoundly weird 2020 election is that multiple U.S. House races in Florida were allegedly rigged by Republicans who opted to run “ghost candidates” who either had names identical to the Democratic candidate, or who weren’t even really candidates. Now, according to NBC News Miami, one of those ghost candidates has cut a plea deal against the already-indicted Republican politician who arranged the scheme. So what does this have to do with Gaetz?


Earlier this year the New York Times reported that the Feds were investigating Matt Gaetz’s role in yet another U.S. House race in Florida involving a ghost candidate, this one up in the Panhandle; Gaetz denied it. But the separate ghost candidate scandal down in Miami makes clear that there are serious criminal penalties to be had for such a scheme. Gaetz had better hope he wasn’t involved he wasn’t involved in the Panhandle ghost candidate scandal.

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