Report: federal prosecutors have decided to indict Matt Gaetz, and are pressuring him to flip

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Back in June, federal prosecutors let it be known to ABC News that they were looking to indict and arrest Matt Gaetz sometime in July. But that timeframe came and went, with the only update being that Gaetz’s close associate Joel Greenberg had been granted a delay in his sentencing hearing so he could get full credit for the cooperation he’d provided in cases that were about to come down. At the time, we surmised that Greenberg had likely given prosecutors so much on Gaetz, they needed more time to sort it all out and build an even more comprehensive case.

Sure enough, that’s reportedly turned out to be the case. Former New York Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell has spoken with sources close to the case who have revealed what’s really going on, and he’s tweeted out the breaking news today.

Snell revealed that according to his sources, the Matt Gaetz indictment is “coming in the next few weeks” and that the “US Attorney’s Office is taking very strong positions with Gaetz and his counsel and is ready to indict Gaetz and others.” Snell believes that this means the Feds are “applying a lot of pressure on Gaetz to flip and cooperate.”

Snell then added this: “The Gaetzgate indictment timeline was extended NOT because there’s something wrong — it’s because the case has grown larger. Greenberg had more dirt than expected.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, while we still don’t know what the specific charges will be in the upcoming indictment against Matt Gaetz, it’s clear that 1) it’s definitely going to happen, 2) the charges will be serious in nature, and 3) the evidence against Gaetz will be comprehensive.

It’s not clear who the “others” are who will be indicted alongside Gaetz. Various major media outlets have mentioned a number of local Florida political figures over the past few months in relation to the criminal probe, but all of them have a lower profile than Gaetz does.

Given the seriousness of what Matt Gaetz is being investigated for, and the possibility that he may be the highest profile individual in this particular crime ring, it raises questions about just whom Gaetz is being pressured to flip on.

Are there people in this crime ring who, despite their lower profile, committed even uglier crimes than the ones that Gaetz is accused of? Is this the part where the Feds pressure Gaetz to give up everything he has on Donald Trump, so they can build a criminal case against Trump? Is this somehow tied to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and would it explain why DeSantis is behaving more erratically than ever?

We’ll see. But for now we have confirmation that Matt Gaetz is going to be indicted and arrested, that it will happen within a few weeks, that the only reason it didn’t happen in July is that Greenberg really did give prosecutors a whole new mountain of evidence to work with, and that the indictments will go beyond just Gaetz himself. No wonder Gaetz has been behaving in more outlandish and incoherent fashion than ever; the screws are being put to him, he knows what’s coming, and he knows it’s coming soon.

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