January 6th Committee comes out swinging

When I was a kid, I wanted to change the world. I was idealistic and a big dreamer. My own dreams were complex and a bit grandiose. Injustice always enraged me, and I saw it everywhere.

I can imagine that you, friends and readers, were and are the same way. Perhaps you saw more good than bad in the world. Perhaps when you did see bad, you wanted to do something to change it. Lots of things changed and shifted for me as I grew. But my sense of activism never did.

And now all of us HAVE changed the world. We have pushed an evil and dangerous psychopath out of the Presidency. We should all be proud. And still, our work continues. So does the work of courageous members of the January 6th committee.

The committee is hard at work, trying to get to the weeds of the horrible events of that day. They have now sent out letters requesting documents, and so much information is being sought it could make one’s head spin. Good.

Among the information requested are all communications on discussions of “Martial law,” all communications on the former guy’s mental fitness for office, information on conversations between the former guy and many of his minions, as well as requests for communications about the deployment of help to the Capitol.

There is much more I have not even mentioned. To say they’re leaving no stone unturned is an understatement. But all of their actions should reassure everybody on the right side of history.


Many people want to change the world. Some, like the former guy, dream of changing it for the worse. We have all dreamed of changing it for the better. And for the January 6th commission, they are changing it with courage and heroism. Let us tip our hats to them as we wait to see the results.

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