Here’s the thing about Donald Trump pardoning Steve Bannon

There are now scattered reports that Donald Trump could pardon Steve Bannon at any moment. If it happens, so be it. Nothing we can do to stop it. It’ll only apply to federal charges anyway, not any state charges he might face.

Bannon commits a new crime every five minutes, so the Feds can just nail him for the next one. Trump and Bannon will both end up in prison one way or another. Come to think of it, in light of the recent reports that Trump and Bannon have recently begun criminally conspiring together again, Bannon’s pardon might not hold up in court anyway.

– Someone should let Nikki Haley know that it’s not normal to get ratioed nearly every time she tweets, and that she really is that embarrassingly far off course with her bad takes.

– Trump’s HHS Secretary Alex Azar has resigned. At this point the cabinet is just Ben Carson and his imaginary friend.

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