Turns out Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are still conspiring

After Steve Bannon was arrested for fraud, Donald Trump more or less publicly disowned him. But Trump has a habit of always circling back to whichever of his henchmen are still willing to help him, and so it’s not surprising to learn that Trump and Bannon have continued to conspire since his arrest.

Bloomberg is reporting that Steve Bannon has been advising Trump on his antics to try to overthrow the election result. That’s gone absolutely terribly for Trump, so it’s another reminder that Bannon is a garden variety bumbler, and not the evil genius that he was once widely painted as being.

But it’s nonetheless a big deal that Trump and Bannon are still conspiring. It makes clear that Bannon is still angling for a pardon. We’ll see if he gets it or not. But because Bannon has been a co-conspirator in Trump’s latest crime spree, for all we know it could make Bannon’s pardon easier to beat in court. Our guess is Bannon still ends up in prison one way or the other.

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