Lauren Boebert goes completely off the deep end

Brand new House Republican Lauren Boebert has already gotten in trouble for threatening to carry a gun on the House floor, repeatedly tweeting the location of the Speaker of the House during the Capitol terrorist attack, and for throwing a fit when she was asked to go through a metal detector.

This has placed a significant amount of scrutiny on Boebert. Suffice it to say that she’s not holding up well under the spotlight. On Friday night she tweeted this: “I wonder if this is the year they start issuing permits for free speech. If so, I hope my permit has reciprocity in other states. If not we will have to fight for constitutional free speech in every state. Too bad the Constitution didn’t cover this. I call bullcrap.”

Wait, what? None of those words even go together. We’ve read word jumbles in the newspaper that made more sense than this tweet, while they were still scrambled. At this rate you have to wonder just how badly Boebert is going to melt down, and how much damage she’ll do to the Republican party in the process.