Donald Trump’s day from Hell

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Donald Trump traveled to Pittsburgh today, where thousands of people showed up to protest against him, while Melania inexplicably followed him down the street with a covered food dish in her hands – and yet somehow this may not have been the worst thing that went wrong for him today. Welcome to Donald Trump’s ultimate day from Hell.

There was a brief moment early today when Trump probably thought he was going to have a good day, as some of his own allies began insisting on social media that a sexual harassment scandal was about to unfold against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But then the real story came out: Trump’s allies allegedly tried to hire women to pretend Mueller harassed them, and the women responded by running to the media, and now Mueller has the FBI investigating Trump’s allies. But that was just the start of things going wrong for Trump.

Somewhere along the line we learned that Steve Bannon is once again cooperating with Robert Mueller, which is the last thing Donald Trump needs right now. Further, Mueller spent all his time asking Bannon about Roger Stone, which suggests that Stone is about a minute and a half away from getting indicted and arrested. Then this evening Kanye West declared “I’ve been used” and gave up on Trump.

Also, Donald Trump announced this morning that he might try to magically repeal part of the 14th Amendment via executive order, and everyone simply laughed at him for having failed eighth grade civics class. Add this all up, place it in the context of the heat that Donald Trump is already taking for his violent racist rhetoric, and his inability to get airtime for his latest racist lies, and you can argue that this is Trump’s worst day yet. The thing is, it’ll only get worse for him from here.

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