The real reason Robert Mueller just interviewed Steve Bannon again

Early in 2018, several major news outlets reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had conducted a series of interviews with Donald Trump’s former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Based on a few different factors, it was fairly clear at the time that Bannon was cooperating with Mueller on at least some level. Now, in just the past few days, Mueller has gone back and interviewed Bannon again.

Mueller brought in Steve Bannon on Friday in order to ask him questions about Roger Stone, according to a new report from the Washington Post. Palmer Report pointed out last week that, based on various details that had begun surfacing, it was just about Stone’s time in the barrel. So it’s not surprising to see Mueller circling back with previous witnesses and zeroing in on Stone, in order to put the finishing touches on the case. The more noteworthy thing here is Bannon.

Back when Steve Bannon first decided to begin cooperating with Robert Mueller, he hired a certain lawyer who was already representing Don McGahn, Reince Priebus, and Sean Spicer in the Trump-Russia scandal. By definition, the same attorney can only represent multiple clients in the same case if they’re all employing the same strategy. In an investigation like this, it basically means they all have to be cooperating. Sure enough we’ve since learned that McGahn has given Mueller far more testimony and documents than he needed to, Priebus turned over his personal notes, and Spicer turned over his diary.

So when Steve Bannon hired that same lawyer, it was a clear signal that he was planning to cooperate with Robert Mueller, in an attempt at keeping the heat off himself. We have no idea if Bannon will end up being indicted or charged with anything; only Mueller knows that. But this latest news about Bannon’s followup interview is a sign that Bannon is still cooperating, even as Mueller prepares to bust Roger Stone very soon.

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