Gunman shoots family of Federal Judge assigned to Deutsche Bank – Jeffrey Epstein case

Just a few days ago, Federal Judge Esther Salas was assigned a case involving notorious money laundering outfit Deutsche Bank and serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein. Now, in a horrifying new development, a gunman has opened fire on Judge Salas’ home, wounding her husband and killing her son.

There is no indication yet as to whether this shooting is tied to the Deutsche Bank – Jeffrey Epstein case, or if it’s a mere coincidence. But the story is incredibly chilling either way.

Earlier this month Deutsche Bank admitted that it helped facilitate Jeffrey Epstein’s payoffs to his alleged co-conspirators in his serial child rape scheme, paying a monetary fine, and providing full cooperation to authorities. Epstein died in a suspicious suicide while in federal custody last year.


With Deutsche Bank cooperating and Jeffrey Epstein dead, it’s not immediately clear who would be targeting the judge in this case. Nor would it make any logical sense to attempt to murder the judge and her family, as the case would simply have been reassigned to another judge if Salas hadn’t survived the shooting. This could just as easily be about another one of Salas’ cases, or a random act of violence. But it’s worth watching how this plays out. Our condolences to Judge Salas.

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