Donald Trump has reached the point of total failure

If you’ve been paying close attention all along, you’ve known that Donald Trump was negligently, dishonestly, and derangedly botching the pandemic from the very start. But most people out there don’t pay close attention to politics or national matters until they hit home, and so it’s taken awhile for the average American to figure out that Trump is killing us. It’s clear that most people understand it now, though.

New polling from the Washington Post and ABC News says that when it comes to handling the pandemic, Americans trust Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a 54% to 34% margin. As Kyle Griffin from The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out, at the start of April, Trump and Biden were essentially tied when it came to pandemic handling.


At a time when most Americans view the pandemic as the nation’s single most pressing problem, only one-third of Americans trust the current President to handle it. A majority of Americans are now assuming that Joe Biden, based merely on his speeches and his overall reputation and the fact that he isn’t Trump, would handle it better. So this is what total failure looks like for Donald Trump.

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