Donald Trump has figured out he’s going to prison

If you’ve been paying close attention to the available facts and evidence, you know that Donald Trump is on a glide path to prison if he loses the election. The Supreme Court case over Trump’s tax returns existed because a New York grand jury subpoenaed them to begin with – and by definition that grand jury can only exist to indict Trump on state charges. That’s before even getting to the question of Trump facing federal charges.

Most pundits and news outlets seem afraid to talk about the reality that Trump is going to prison if he loses the election; perhaps they’re afraid of being criticized for getting ahead of the narrative. But Trump has pretty clearly figured out that he’s on a path to prison. Just ask him.

Trump posted this tweet demanding that Barack Obama and Joe Biden go to prison for the rest of their lives:



As always, Donald Trump is projecting. He’s fantasizing about how Obama and Biden should be the ones going to prison because he knows that he’s the one headed to prison.

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