Florida Governor Ron DeSantis goes off the rails during disastrous press conference

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis desperately wants to be the next Donald Trump. Someone should probably remind DeSantis that Trump lost reelection by millions of votes and is now rotting in obscurity while waiting to be criminally indicted over his scandals.

DeSantis is busy making his own scandals even worse. Yesterday we brought you the story of how he got caught trying to bury the evidence that he distributed the COVID vaccine in corruptly partisan fashion.

DeSantis was asked about the coverup today, and let’s just say that it didn’t go well for him:

The trouble for Ron DeSantis is that he’s just as corrupt, scandal-plagued, and in over his head as Donald Trump was, but DeSantis has less cunning than Trump did. In other words, DeSantis is spiraling downward. He’s up for reelection in Florida in 2022, and it’s paramount that a nationwide effort is made to take him down.

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