Ron DeSantis caught trying to bury the evidence of his corrupt COVID vaccine rollout

During the course of the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proven several times over that he’s the most corrupt and harmful Governor in the nation. From his lies about COVID death totals, to his punishment of the researcher who blew the whistle, to his partisan rollout of the vaccine, the only real question has been whether his corrupt actions are going to end up getting him criminally indicted.

Sometimes the coverup ends up being what takes a corrupt politician down. So it’s notable that after Orange County, Florida dared to provide ABC News affiliate WFTV with some basic vaccine statistics, the DeSantis regime cut off Orange County’s access to the database in retaliation.

This means that DeSantis left an entire county without the necessary data to carry out its vaccination strategy, because he’s that afraid of the media getting ahold of the evidence that he’s been rolling out the vaccine to regions and zip codes that voted for him in 2018.

It’s still not entirely clear whether it can be legally proven that Ron DeSantis’ corrupt vaccine rollout was criminal in nature. It may ultimately be easier to prove that DeSantis knowingly and criminally put lives in danger by cutting off a county’s vaccine data access. DeSantis is trying to use the Trump playbook to survive his scandals, but he’s too dumb to pull it off.

Of course we can’t sit back and simply presume that Ron DeSantis will end up criminally indicted for any of this. We must make a nationwide effort to ensure he loses reelection in Florida in 2022, so that his political career will end right then and there, before he can even try to set his sights on the 2024 presidential race.

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