Donald Trump receives experimental coronavirus treatment from Regeneron, suggesting he’s sicker than he’s letting on

When the White House announced earlier today that Donald Trump had mild coronavirus symptoms, Palmer Report took that as a sign that Trump must be pretty ill. After all, if he only had mild symptoms, this lying White House would have announced that he had no symptoms.

Sure enough, it turns out Trump must indeed be pretty ill. Amid media reports that he has a fever and throat issues, Trump’s White House doctor is announcing that he’s treating Trump with a “polyclonal antibody cocktail” from Regeneron. This is notable for two reasons.

First, Donald Trump has clearly decided that hydroxychloroquine, which he’s spent months pushing on everyone else, isn’t a miracle cure after all – or else he’d simply be taking that. Second, this cocktail from Regeneron is an experimental treatment. It’s not something you administer just for kicks. Although the White House doctor says it’s just a “precautionary measure,” this means that either Trump is quite sick from coronavirus, or Trump’s underlying health is such a disaster that his doctors are afraid even a moderate coronavirus case could kill him.

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