Donald Trump’s coronavirus is getting worse

Donald Trump and his White House have been claiming that his coronavirus symptoms are mild and cold-like. Considering how dishonest this regime is, we figured that if Trump had mild symptoms, the White House would claim he had no symptoms, so the fact that they were admitting to “mild” symptoms meant he must be fairly ill.

Sure enough, Vanity Fair is now reporting that Donald Trump has a fever, which suggests that his symptoms are more flu-like than cold-like. NBC News is reporting that Trump is losing his voice, which we think suggests that his throat is being torn up by a bad cough. Trump also canceled his one virtual event scheduled for today.

This does not mean that Donald Trump is on his death bed. In fact if Trump’s life were currently in danger, he’d already be at Walter Reed. But this does show that Trump’s coronavirus is getting worse – and that it could continue getting worse.

It’s notable that the Trump White House is clearly being dishonest with the public about Donald Trump’s health condition, and that we’re reduced to relying on leaks from individuals on the inside who think the truth should be out there. This suggests that if Trump’s coronavirus continues to get even worse, the White House will continue to be dishonest with us about it.

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