Donald Trump being taken to Walter Reed as his coronavirus worsens

Earlier this afternoon the White House announced that Donald Trump had been given an experimental coronavirus drug treatment from Regeneron, but insisted it was merely as a “precautionary measure.” At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that he must be sicker than was being let on.

Sure enough, multiple major networks including MSNBC are reporting that Donald Trump is now being taken to Walter Reed Medical Center, where he’s expected to remain for several days. To be clear, the threshold for taking the President of the United States to the hospital is lower than what the threshold would be for the average person. So this does not necessarily mean that Trump is on his death bed.

But it does underscore the fact that Donald Trump’s condition is getting worse as the day goes on. He’s already a high risk coronavirus patient due to his age, weight, and underlying poor health. And now he’s being hospitalized with a deadly plague. It’s also notable that Donald Trump was unexpectedly taken to Walter Reed late last year, for reasons that the Trump regime is still covering up.

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