Donald Trump’s world implodes amid subpoenas and firings

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Once Donald Trump was named the loser of the 2020 election, it was just a matter of time before he and his underlings were dismantled. That process is taking longer than most of us would like. But the reality is that it is in fact happening – and the past twenty-four hours have demonstrated just how ugly it’s getting.

It all started yesterday when scandalous former Trump campaign manager (and at this point you have to specify which scandalous former Trump campaign manager you’re talking about) Corey Lewandowski was separately accused of having sexually harassed a Republican donor and of having had an affair with the Governor of South Dakota. By the time the day was over, Donald Trump’s people announced that Lewandowski had been fired from the Trump Super PAC he’d been running, and that Lewandowski would no longer be associated with “Trump world.” That’s right, they used the term “Trump world.”

In a reminder that there’s simply no shortage of corrupt Trump underlings coming down the pike, Lewandowski was replaced by a different criminal, Pam Bondi, who once used her position as Florida Attorney General to scuttle the Trump University investigation in exchange for a campaign donation.

But in a reminder that every Trump underling is going to end up facing the music eventually, it was revealed last night that former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson is one of the many Trump people who just got subpoenaed by the January 6th Committee. So even people like Pierson, who disappeared from mainstream view after Trump lost, are still on the hook for their Trump-era antics.

We all know that “Trump world” – as it now calls itself – certainly doesn’t fire people over moral or ethical concerns. So the quick firing of Lewandowski tells us that Donald Trump and his remaining people are indeed in a panic over how things are falling apart. They didn’t even hesitate to throw Lewandowski under the bus, in the hope of taking the heat off the Super PACs that Trump is still using to raise “campaign” funds and shove them into his pocket.

Trump world – which sounds like the worst amusement park in history – is imploding. And this all comes even as Rudy Giuliani’s legal troubles have just been revealed to be even worse than we knew, raising questions about when he’ll finally wave the white flag and cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. It’s all falling apart in slow motion, but it’s undeniably falling apart.

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