Lindsey Graham’s ongoing descent into madness is getting even worse

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Evil comes in many forms. Sometimes evil shows itself. It shows itself with brutality, but we know it is evil when we lay eyes on it. Other times, evil tries to charm us. It may not look like evil on the surface. Many may think it innocent, even charming. But then it coils itself around us. This can have catastrophic results as many still do not see the evil that has permeated them.

And sometimes that evil can be so all-encompassing that once it has someone wrapped in its tentacles, that person themselves can change. They can turn into someone unrecognizable. That leads me to Lindsey Graham.

I want to refer to an article I wrote for Palmer Report. It is called “This is a dumpster fire” and was published on July 5th of this year. In it, I wrote of MAGA and the traitor. That article used much symbolism about evil.

But it was not just about MAGA. I was speaking of many people who came in contact with
the orange tumor. Lindsey Graham is one such person and is perhaps the biggest cautionary tale I can think of.

Some say Lindsey has a thirst for latching onto powerful men. That may all be well and good, but the fact is he latched onto THIS particular man. And out of that, he was irrevocably changed as a Senator and as a human being.

Now, there is news on Lindsey. And it isn’t good. Over the weekend, Graham was on Mackinac Island in Michigan with some other Republicans. And he declared Trump needs to be the 2024 Presidential nominee.

“I don’t think Trump is listening.” “He might be.” “I hope President Trump runs again.”

Sigh. I usually poke fun at Graham in my articles about him. But this is too pathetic for me even to mock. Graham could be doing so much. He was very well-respected at one time for his ability to work with both Republicans and Democrats. So, what changed?

Evil was what did it. Evil crawled into Graham and slithered about, slowly devouring his sense of right. Now, he stands before us, a weakling. Trump will not run in 2024. I am not even sure Graham realizes the futility of his own lament. Because evil can also rob one of their sanity. And there is no surer case of that than Graham.

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