Holy crap Rudy Giuliani is screwed

When the FBI raided Rudy Giuliani’s home a few months back and seized his communications, it became clear that he was in serious trouble. For the Feds to have even obtained that kind of warrant, they’d need to already have enough evidence in hand to convict Giuliani. But since then, not a ton has leaked out publicly about how the criminal case has been proceeding, beyond the ongoing court procedural moves regarding the special master’s classification of those seized communications. However, that just changed.

Even as we wait for the special master proceedings to end and for prosecutors to be given Giuliani’s seized communications so they can get on with indicting him, new information is surfacing about just how broad the probe is. It’s been clear from the start that the Feds were looking to nail Rudy for taking dirty money from the government of Ukraine. Along the way it’s become clear that the Feds are also looking at the entire Trump-Ukraine scandal as a whole, beyond just the money that Rudy took.

But now a newly unsealed letter reveals that the Feds are looking to nail Rudy Giuliani for taking dirty money from Poland in 2019. This isn’t even a trip that was ever widely reported on – and it shows just how deep and wide the Feds are going in terms of tracking down every last penny of dirty foreign money that Rudy has taken. This means it’s a given that the Feds are also pursuing the higher profile money that Rudy took from Turkey, and so on.

It’s now becoming clear that the Department of Justice is looking to not just nail Rudy Giuliani – which at this point is a given – but nail him for as many different felonies as possible. Why bother doing this with a 77 year old guy? After all, even one or two felony convictions would potentially be enough to put him away for life.

The goal here is to end up indicting Rudy on so many felonies, he ends up concluding that he has no chance of being acquitted on all of them (think back to when Paul Manafort was indicted on eighteen felonies and convicted on eight of them). If Rudy ends up concluding that he’s absolutely going to spend the rest of his life in prison, that’s the scenario where he’ll have to seriously consider flipping on Donald Trump and everyone else around him.


The bottom line: this latest news makes clear that Rudy Giuliani is completely screwed. The only question is whether he figures it out and flips on everyone in order to save himself, or whether he just goes to prison for the rest of his life.

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