We’ve been here before

Republicans were fine with running up debt under Trump to pay for the expanded military industrial complex that would then push their military stocks up, but now that the debt is for regular Americans, they’re going to do anything they can to obstruct it and then use it as a campaign talking point. Their fiscal conservatism was proven a sham during the Trump era. None of them cared about the debt amassed then. But now that they can use it to slam the Dems, they most certainly will. The sad part is, most Republican voters will believe their lies.

But then again, these are the same politicians who knew Covid was going to be a disaster and instead of acting, they devised stock options to profit off the unnecessary deaths. They are morally, financially, and ethically unsalvageable.

It’s frustrating to see decent, working-class Republicans being scammed time and again by their own politicians and the propaganda that’s spewed at them from every right-wing angle. But that’s the way it is, folks. These people are willing to die for their mistaken beliefs and we need to accept it. We need to keep voting Blue No Matter Who until this scourge is nothing but an asterisk in the history of the United States.


We’ve been here before. Start with the Civil War. History teaches us there are always bad actors; there is always corruption, but when you see it, stamp it out with your vote. It’s the most important thing you can do in times like these. If we take our vote as sacred, things will right themselves again. After all, we’re Americans. We can do this. It’s who we are.

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