Criminal probe connected to Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz takes another turn

Over the weekend two associates of convicted underage sex trafficker Joel Greenberg were criminally indicted, as an apparent result of Greenberg’s ongoing cooperation with prosecutors. It served as a reminder that the federal criminal probe, which has been widely reported to also be focused on Matt Gaetz, is ongoing.

This week a Florida businessman was sentenced to federal prison, after having been convicted for having illegally influenced former Florida House Republican Halsey Beshears into having inserted favorable language into state law, according to the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. This is notable because the website Florida Politics has previously reported that Beshears was on a subpoena list in the Greenberg-Gaetz investigation, and concluded that Beshears “could be implicated” in the Greenberg-Gaetz scandal.

Beshears is not known to have been indicted on anything. But when you’ve got people being indicted and convicted for illegally influencing Beshears, at a time when Beshears is said to be a key player in the Greenberg-Gaetz scandal, it’s not difficult to figure out that these cases are all related, and that Joel Greenberg is the common thread in all of them.


It’s the latest reminder that just because Matt Gaetz hasn’t been indicted yet, it doesn’t mean he’s magically off the hook. Republican political figures in Florida are still being indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced in relation to Joel Greenberg. This is clearly an ongoing probe – and the biggest fish in any such probe tends to be indicted last, in the hope that more of the smaller fish will have flipped on him by then.

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