Steve Bannon is unraveling

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This is the portrait of a loser. This loser is not a politician. He most definitely isn’t an activist. He’s not a hero, he’s not a thinker, and he most definitely is not a good guy. He is a loser. This is the portrait of Steve Bannon.

Bannon is nobody to fear. Indeed, he is a person to be pitied — and loathed. He has no power over us or anyone else. And he likely knows this. Who and what is Steve Bannon? Steve Bannon is a crook. He is an indicted insurrection supporter and a manipulator. He is a provocateur of the worst type. He is unscrupulous. And he is a lowly con man.

Bannon cannot win because he is not and will never be a winner. He is a raggedy man, filled with delusions of grandeur, puffed up with hubris and self-importance.

He is a two-bit swindler who needs attention. He does not appear to crave everyday things like love and respect, and honor. Those words do not appear much in Bannon’s repertoire.

For Bannon, the only things that appear to matter are shocking people — getting in bad trouble — making gross and unhinged statements that nobody takes seriously except for a few brainwashed individuals.

He cannot hurt you — or us. Steve Bannon has a wasteland for a soul and is doomed to live out his life in misery and a false sense of arrogance that does not exist. The thing about people like this is — they cannot be happy. They are missing something. And their emptiness causes them to act out in ways that most cannot understand.

And now Bannon has been indicted. Will his arrogance be his undoing? I believe that it will be. But let nobody say Bannon is winning. This is a man who has been failing for years and is doomed to fail once again. He is the one who doomed himself, and the upcoming months will only doom him further.

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