The Biden infrastructure package is already having a positive impact

All actions cause reactions. Sometimes these reactions can result in very positive results. For people from New York, this has already happened. And the good news is a direct result of President Biden’s signing of the infrastructure bill.

New York, in recent months, has been anticipating toll increases on transit fares. This is a long-standing policy as the raising of these fares usually occurs every two years.

And there could not be a worse time to raise them. People are still struggling. Many are only just starting to reemerge since the start of the Covid pandemic, and so most have been extremely unenthusiastic about any rising costs to transportation or anything.

But now, the people of New York will not have to worry — at least for a while. Governor Kathy Hochul announced that any such talks on transit hikes would be halted immediately.

This announcement should make folks very relieved. Hochul said all said talks have been frozen until at least July of 2022. And this is all due to Biden’s infrastructure bill.

As Hochul explains, New York will be receiving quite a bit of money due to the bill. This means there will be no need — at least for the time being — to raise transit fares. Every action causes a reaction.


This is welcome news — very welcome –, and it shows that New York is one of many states where Biden’s bill is already having significant effects. And there will be plenty more in the upcoming months.

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