This is why Donald Trump will lose

I can’t tell you precisely how, or even when we’ll get there. But I can tell you that Donald Trump is going to lose in the end. That’s not optimism. I’m a cynical enough student of history to know just how wrongly these things can go. But there is a specific reason why Trump is going to lose, and we saw a jarring reminder of it today. No, I’m not talking about the crazed tweets or his increasingly unstable mental state. I’m talking about what else has been playing out this week.

Make no mistake. No matter how thoroughly Trump unravels or how much of a liability he becomes to those around him, he still has allies who still want to prop him up for various reasons. He still has the sycophants around him who are under his personal spell, and are inexplicably willing to destroy themselves just to please him. He also, more dangerously, has situational allies in the Republican Party, who – for reasons still only fully known to them – are at least temporarily willing to throw the full weight of their own evil behind him.

But you have to be able to steer your allies in the right direction so they can fight for you. So let’s take a look at where Trump is steering his henchmen. He gave a press conference today in which he continued railing against his former adviser and new enemy Steve Bannon, while urging for tougher libel laws so he can sue the author of the new book which contains Bannon’s most damaging quotes. Then he began calling his contacts behind the scenes (link), just to demand that they choose him over Bannon.

Donald Trump is being investigated for his kingpin role in a treasonous criminal conspiracy that’s likely to send him and much of his family to prison for life. The majority of Americans are trying to figure out how to oust him from office. He’s fighting battles on all fronts, including a battle for his own freedom. So what’s he making his own allies focus on this week? Punishing Steve Bannon, a peon who is only still relevant because Trump keeps focusing on him. Trump will lose because he thinks this is all a game. He thinks it’s more important to humiliate Bannon than it is to dive in and fight for his life. With that kind of gameplan, even his allies can’t save him. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report