This is the part where Jeff Sessions screws Donald Trump

Donald Trump took nearly his entire cabinet to Camp David this weekend for a meeting of Evil Incorporated, yet he made a point of leaving Attorney General Jeff Sessions at home. Maybe Trump really is finally getting ready to fire Sessions, after a year of huffing and puffing at him, or maybe not. But either way, this is the part where Trump’s poor choice of Sessions as his primary Russia scandal backstop is about to come back to haunt him.

So long as Trump doesn’t fire Sessions, it means Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein remains in control of the Russia investigation, which means Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets to keep doing what he’s doing, which means Trump and his co-conspirators are all going down in the end. If Trump does fire Sessions, something else happens. Consider how quickly and eagerly Sessions decided to be disloyal to Trump after he took office. It tells you what Sessions will do the minute he’s fired.

We all saw Sessions recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation at the first sign of trouble for himself. His job, as Trump saw it, was to abuse his position as Attorney General to keep the Russia scandal from being properly investigated. Instead, Sessions decided that he was more interested in protecting himself. He’ll do the same thing again without thinking twice, if Trump forces the issue.

Jeff Sessions has chosen to remain on the job, despite all the public and private abuse he’s taken from Donald Trump over the past year, because he loves using his Attorney General role to push the racist policies that have always defined his worldview. If Trump takes the job away from him, Sessions will run to Mueller and cut a deal as fast as he possibly can. Even if it’s not out of a desire for revenge, it’ll be a matter of self preservation. Sessions chose himself over Trump the first time. He’ll do it again if he’s fired. And if Trump doesn’t fire Sessions, Trump is just as screwed. So much for being a “stable genius.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report