Stephen Miller unwittingly gives away how screwed Donald Trump is

Stephen Miller, the big racist with the big forehead who just happens to be one of the few White House senior advisers Donald Trump has left these days, went on national television today to try to impress his boss. Instead he blew it by giving away something about his boss that he shouldn’t have.

Miller appeared on CNN opposite host Jake Tapper. The interview was full of fireworks, as Miller was off the rails, and Tapper wasn’t having any of it. This caused the most important moment of the conversation to almost go unnoticed. Miller was asked whether or not Donald Trump was in Trump Tower when his son Donald Trump Jr met with the Russian government to try to rig the election.

Miller refused to answer the question, even when pressed. It’s already been widely reported that Donald Trump was in fact in the building during that meeting; we have no idea if he was actually in the meeting or if he met with the Russians any point that day. If Trump were simply in the building but he had nothing to do with the meeting or the Russians, Miller would’ve just said so. Instead, his refusal to give any answer means that he can’t answer the question.

There’s only one possible reason why Stephen Miller would be unwilling to give any answer to that question: Donald Trump did in fact do something unbecoming or illegal with the Russians on that day, and Miller knows it, and he’s not willing to admit it or lie about it. Why is he afraid to lie? He doesn’t want to go to prison for obstruction of justice. Lying to the public is obstruction if it’s an attempt at misleading investigators. Miller just gave away the ballgame. All that’s left now is to prove it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report