Whistleblower comes forward to incriminate Michael Flynn and Donald Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller now officially has Michael Flynn as a cooperating witness against Donald Trump, but as it turns out, the more the merrier. Congress now has a whistleblower who is incriminating both Flynn and Trump in the Russia scandal. The whistleblower is a former associate of Flynn who now says that Flynn “knew” Trump would try to drop sanctions against Russia the minute he took office.

House Oversight Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings has posted a letter explaining in detail that he’s spoken with the unnamed whistleblower, and he’s learned that Flynn began immediately making promises to business partners about Russian sanctions the minute Trump took office (link). Flynn couldn’t have known Trump would immediately try to drop sanctions unless he had already discussed the matter with him. This helps demonstrate that Trump was in on the transition period conspiracy to sabotage President Obama’s sanctions plan, which is a violation of the Logan Act.

At this point so many of Trump’s top underlings are either confessing or being proven guilty in the Russia conspiracy, his only remaining defense in the end will be that he somehow didn’t know they were all conspiring under his nose. This whistleblower helps to confirm that Trump did indeed know what was going on the entire time. Because Flynn has already cut a plea deal, Mueller can now use this new evidence to get Flynn to corroborate the story, if he hasn’t already.

There comes a point in every unraveling conspiracy in which people begin coming out of the woodwork to provide new evidence. Some of them are afraid they’ll go to prison if they don’t cooperate. Some of them hear the testimony of other witnesses, and come forward because they suddenly realize they know more than they thought they did. And some are inspired to come forward because they begin to see hope that the scandal might actually take Donald Trump down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report