Christmas just came early today for Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was already on his way to having a good holiday season for himself. He just finished cutting a plea deal with Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. He also has a deal with George Papadopoulos and the cooperation of Sam Clovis, and he has Paul Manafort and Rick Gates locked up under house arrest. That was all a good start. Then today happened. Now, suddenly, Christmas just came early for Mueller and those rooting for him to take Donald Trump down.

Two major bombshells happened today. The first is that Donald Trump Jr testified before Congress that he told Hope Hicks about his meeting with Russian government representatives during the campaign. This incriminates Hicks, and will likely force her to cut a deal to testify that she passed the message along to Donald Trump. This will prove that Trump was part of his campaign’s conspiracy with Russia. Mueller no longer has to break Hicks; Donald Trump Jr just broke her for him. Then it get even better for Mueller.

When Mueller scored his major legal victory by getting Michael Flynn to agree to a plea deal, it did have one unfortunate side effect in the court of public opinion. If Flynn had stood his ground, Mueller would have arrested him and charged him with a wild collection of crimes, including conspiracy to commit kidnapping. It would have created a huge media storm, and it would have convinced a whole lot more mainstream Americans that the Trump-Russia scandal was something straight out of a bad spy novel. However, today, a whistleblower may have served up that public spectacle after all.

The whistleblower says that Michael Flynn was sending text messages during the inauguration which promised that sanctions against Russia would immediately be dropped. Sure enough, the media has found images of Flynn texting on his phone while Trump was giving his inauguration speech. That visual shows Americans that Trump and his gang literally couldn’t wait one minute into his presidency before they started selling America out to Russia.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report