Hope Hicks is going to take them all down

All along it’s seemed clear that Hope Hicks, despite being a close and loyal adviser to Donald Trump, was going to have to reluctantly take him down in order to avoid going to prison herself. After what transpired with Donald Trump Jr’s congressional testimony today, not only is it now certain that Hicks will take Trump down, she’ll take them all down – and she might even do it gleefully.

For months it’s been known that when Donald Trump plotted to cover up the true nature of his son’s Russia meeting, he involved several senior advisers in the conversation, including Hope Hicks. This exposed her to potential charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice. She’s either recently been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller or she’s about to be interviewed by him. If she wants to avoid arrest and trial, she has no choice but to admit that she helped Trump to commit obstruction of justice. Then came the events of today.

Donald Trump Jr testified privately before the House Intel Committee today. According to CNN’s Manu Raju, Junior admitted that he told Hope Hicks about his Trump Tower meeting with the Russian government during the election. This means Hicks is in even more legal trouble, because it confirms that she knew Donald Trump was trying to cover up a crime when she helped him plot how to cover up that meeting. Moreover, the Trump family just sold her out.

Hope Hicks has long been the conduit for getting information to Donald Trump, who doesn’t use email. Despite her various changing titles, that’s her real job. Donald Trump Jr informed Hicks about his Russia meeting so that she would tell Trump. She almost certainly did just that. She’ll testify to that, if she hasn’t already, in order to avoid being arrested. Hicks isn’t willing to go to prison for Trump – particularly not after today.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report